• Home Gym Buyer's Guide 2018

  • We all know that working out is important, but not everybody has the time for it. So, why not save yourself some trouble and set up a gym at your house or apartment?


    Ok, you've decided to set up a home gym. Now it's time to acquire all the equipment, which is not an easy task.

    This buying guide is supposed to help you find the right equipment to fit your needs. Don't worry if you're on a budget or have some special requirements - we've got you covered.

  • Best Home Gym Setup for a Tight Budget

    When you finally decide to get yourself a home gym, you need to figure out the amount of money you want to spend on it, as well. There are many options when it comes to gym equipment, so you'll surely find something within your budget.


    Although they are inexpensive, the home gyms we are about to present to you are certainly not of low quality.


    Check out some of the best home gyms for a tight budget.

  • Home Gym Setup Under $500

    Let's just go straight to the point - the best home gym under $500 bucks is the CAP Barbell FM-H1005 Value Home Gym.

    With seven different functions, this thing will give you a full-body workout:


    • arm curls
    • a chest press
    • seated row
    • lat pulldown
    • leg curls
    • leg extensions
    • pectoral fly station


    As if all this isn't enough, this home gym also includes a 150-pound weight stack. It has everything you need for a full-body workout and more.

  • Another great piece of equipment that fits in the $500 dollar budget is the Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym.


    It allows you to do over 30 different strength exercises. As if that wasn't enough, this home gym also comes with a couple of attachments.


    It's quite similar to the CAP Barbell one. The only difference is that the Marcy MWM-990 has a couple more functions than the CAP Barbell. These additional functions are:


    • a preacher curl attachment
    • ridged pull-down bar
    • more adjustable pieces

    The last, but certainly not the least home gym that we want to talk about is the Weider Ultimate Body Works Home Gym.


    It's definitely the cheapest one of all three, and it has fewer functions, as well. This piece of equipment is not really the way to go if you are a professional athlete. However, it will do just fine if you're looking for a simple, full-body workout at home.

  • Home Gym Setup Under $1000

    The number one home gym under $1000 is the Alpha Bar and Bumper Set from Rogue Fitness.

    This home gym weight set is designed to last. Many weightlifting enthusiasts have praised its superb quality and durability. So, if you are a beginner weightlifter, or simply a person that wants to work on their strength, this is a perfect piece of equipment for you.

    The set includes:


    • a barbell
    • collars
    • bumpers


    The bumpers can be stacked to weigh up to 320 pounds.

  • In case you're looking to buy a full workout home gym rather than a weight set, then Powerline P2X Home Gym is the one for you.


    Powerline P2X basically has everything you might need for a full-body workout. It enables you to not only do all of the traditional exercises but also have a functional training of your choice. With its high, mid and low pulleys, you can do an unlimited number of exercises.

    The third home gym we want to present to you is the Bowflex Blaze.

    The Bowflex Blaze is also a full-body workout machine. It offers over 60 different exercises, and it will cover all of your muscle groups.


    If you want to build up strength, you can do that with Bowflex Blaze, too. This piece of equipment includes 210 pounds of weights.

    With this thing, you will most definitely be able to reach all of your training goals.

  • Best Home Gym Setup for Small Spaces

    Not having a lot of room for a home gym can be as big of a problem as having a tight budget. However, if you have this issue, you needn't worry, because there are home gyms for you, too.


    Below are some of the best home gyms designed for apartments and other small spaces.

    The best compact home gym is the one we already talked about previously - the Weider Ultimate Body Works Home Gym.


    As we said before, the Weider Ultimate Body Works doesn't have as many functions as some of its bigger counterparts. However, it does allow you to do a full-body workout nonetheless. You can do over 50 different exercises on it.


    This home gym is not only compact, but it also fits into a tight budget. It's probably one of the cheapest pieces of equipment you can buy.


  • Another great home gym for small spaces is the TRX Training Suspension Basic Trainer Kit.


    It's almost unbelievable how much you can do with such a simple-looking device. It looks like a bunch of straps, but it can actually help you do an amazing full-body workout.

    The TRX Suspension kit includes:


    • a training strap
    • a suspension anchor
    • a door anchor
    • a carry bag
    • a detailed workout guide


    Probably the best part of this home gym is that it can fit anywhere. Besides that, it can be easily transported.

    So, if you like training outside, you can do that with the TRX Suspension kit. Just put all of the straps and anchors in the bag and carry it with you wherever you want.

    The last compact home gym we want to show you is the largest of the three, but it's still smaller than any usual home gym. If you have half a room available, then the Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym is the way to go.

    It has almost all of the functions that you need for a full-body workout. Plus, it's pretty inexpensive.

  • Best Home Gym Setup for Beginners 

    Experienced gym-goers and athletes can surely be able to use any home gym equipment they like, probably because they've tried it all. However, those who are just starting to work out need something easier and lighter.


    Read through to find out what are some of the best home gyms for beginners.

    Our favorite home gym for beginners is the Marcy MWM-990 Multifunctional Home Gym, which we already mentioned a bit earlier in the text.


    Widely considered to be one of the best home multi gyms, this home gym is perfect for beginners because it covers all the basic exercises. It's also fairly simple to use. There are instructional pictures on the machine that can really come in handy if this is your first time using a home gym.


    It's equipped with everything you need for a beginner full-body workout.

    This setup features up to 150 pounds of weights, which is a reasonable goal for a beginner.


    In addition, the Marcy MWM-990 is very affordable. You can find it for under $500 on Amazon.

  • Next up is the Weider 2908 Home Gym.

    This machine is perfect for building up strength. It has more than a few functions:


    • high pulley
    • chest fly
    • chest press
    • leg development
    • low pulley
    • preacher curl


    These will allow you to do all kinds of basic exercises.

    When it comes to weightlifting, the Weider 2908 has 81 pounds of weight stacks.

    This is a reasonable weight that every beginner will be able to reach with some practice.

  • Best Home Gym Setup Overall

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    The best home gym setup on the market right now is the Rogue Fitness W-4 Garage Gym.

    Even professional athletes love this one. It has everything you need for a serious strength workout.

    Basically, this setup can replace going to your local gym. Just make sure you have enough room for it.


    Some of the equipment that this setup includes is:


    • a rack
    • a steel mount rig
    • a flat utility bench
    • a barbell
    • a plate holder
    • over 360 pounds of bumpers


    Also, if you want, you can purchase additional equipment for it, such as the games box, more bumpers, storage boxes and plates, gymnastic wood rings, etc.

    Another great home gym setup is the Men's Profile® PRO Package from PRx Performance.

    It has many similar elements to the Rogue Fitness one, with the exception of few.

    The package includes:


    • a rack
    • a bar
    • a mat
    • a medicine ball
    • spring collars


    We named just some of the elements, but there are actually many more. The Men's Profile® PRO Package also includes storage for each part of the setup.

  • Our final pick for the best home gym setup is yet another one from Rogue Fitness. This time, it's the Warrior Crossfit™ Package.


    This one is quite different from the other two presented. The biggest difference is that the Warrior Crossfit™ doesn't include a rack. That is actually its advantage considering that not everyone has a garage or enough room for a giant rack.


    Here are some of the elements of this home gym:


    • a rower machine
    • bumper set
    • steel plates
    • kettlebells
    • collars
    • woodrings
    • medicine ball


    Again, we couldn't list all of the elements since there are so many.


    Although it doesn't include a rack, this home gym setup is more than enough for a well-rounded workout. It can also fit in your home without taking up much space. There's not much more to say - it's high quality, affordable and it has free shipping at the moment.

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